Celeste R. Nicholas

Celeste is a change agent for Equitable, Empowering, Edgy STEM Education.

Ph.D. in Education, Teaching & Learning Processes
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Indiana University



Publications & Presentations

Celeste is committed to addressing the question, “How can science and STEM education contribute to a just society?” Celeste brings a multidisciplinary lens to understanding and challenging inequity in science learning environments, drawing upon sociocultural, critical and psychological perspectives. In her research and practice, Celeste focuses on three major areas in her research: (1) how teacher knowledge and practice support equitable science and STEM learning, (2) the ways in which community partnerships can enhance access to authentic science and STEM education; and (3) the design of learning environments to foster critical knowledge and action around science and STEM-related social justice issues.

Contact: Celeste.Nicholas@gmail.com